Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What $5.99 buys you on ebay

Apparently the ebay lady is one of those types that has to have the last word. I've never understood that. I don't feel compelled to get the last word in. At some point you run out of things to say.

My email requesting a refund wasn't rude. It just seemed that the entire transaction was a waste of time at this point. However, she seemed to think that I was really upset. "Sure. I don't understand why you seem so mad. You could have just left whatever feedback you wanted. I have a home business for cancer patients and have had someone helping me here. I got them to help with the packages and abviously it didn't work out. I emailed all of my customers and don't think one is as upset as you. Hope your day gets better."

This is the second time she has mentioned her cancer patient work. Good for her and all that, but its irrelevant. So I responded again. I reminded her that this is a business transaction and I was hardly angry, I just didn't feel like it was worth additional time. I probably could have stopped there but I told her that I thought it was tacky that she used the whole cancer thing as an excuse. I mean its really about choices. She chooses to drive to the US to ship products. I didn't ask that of her.

Well, this apparently sent her over the edge. "By my own admission, I DID for get your parcel. What do I do? I drive down weekly. If I had mailed it from here you probably still would have seen it by now. I was asking you not to put the shipping as slow. You could have written in the space that it was slow. It's the marking that stops us from selling. I have been fight ing the new system and everybody hates it. I can have someone who does pay for weeks and I'm not aloud to leave anything but positive. It's positive or nothing. Anyways, me mentioning that I working with cancer patients isn't tacky. I am a survivor and I offer a great service for women in treatment. I have been very busy with my new business and had someone helping me and it didn't work out. Abviosly I have to follow through with things myself rather than relay on other people. You know, I bought something from the States Jan 12th. I emailed them once and then put in a item not receive through paypal. I still haven't been refunded ($60) and I still haven't left feedback. Something could have happened to them, I dont know. Whatever, life happens, and sometimes I might forget a parcel. I have apologized and not much else to do. "

I now know way more about this person than is necessary. I'm just thankful that I don't feel the need to respond.

I have resigned from the sex toy selling business. Well, I resigned/got fired, but not in a bad way. I haven't done a party since November and I have no desire to do more. Perhaps if I could only do parties for kinky people, but all I seem to get is ghetto girls who don't want to spend any money.

I do need some type of home based business though because it saves my ass at tax time. I'm thinking Avon. No parties, just put out catalogs. Besides, I like the Avon.

I've had a couple other party companies contact me but I just think I'm done. Between the prep time, gas, three hours talking and selling, and dealing with stupid questions, its just not worth the money. In the good days I was pulling $150 plus a party. Now, I'm lucky to break $80.

The worst part, no more employee discount.

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