Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I only complain a little

I worked TWELVE hours today. And I hardly made a dent in what I needed to get done. I brought work home but haven't been able to touch it yet.

As if all the work crap isn't enough I am trying to staff my parent workers for Grand Prix. After doing this it's quite obvious that people do not pay attention to detail. Inevitably half the responses I receive ask me questions that were addressed in my email. So then I have to spend more time answering questions I've already answered. Sometimes, just to be a bitch, I cut and paste from the original email I sent. Just my way of saying, hey dumbass, pay attention.

I'm very grateful that I have a job and I love being busy, even though I'm maxed. BUT, I have mixed emotions about being manager. It's a good skill and a big step up. But medical billing is my first love and I don't want to get too far away from that. There is only so far I can go though in that position.

I'm certainly learning on a trial by fire basis.

Tonight while I was trying to finish up at work my IPOD shuffled up some slower sad songs. The kind of songs that make me melancholy. I often have very poor judgment when it comes to friendships. A lot of people that I don't like right away end up being my very good friend. But then there are those that I think I will be friends with forever and it ends up badly. I've reached a point where I no longer trust my judgment where people are concerned. I really hate feeling like this.

You know what I'd like. I'd like some sort of test. You know, like what they do for drugs or alcohol. "Here, breath in this. Oh, green, that means you'll be loyal to the end."

Obviously I'm tired. I should quit talking now.

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