Monday, November 03, 2008

all our friends they say to let you go but they don't know you're still breathing

I tried, really I did. However, hubby making dinner, yeah, that’s about over. It’s not because I’m a control freak, it’s not, it’s not, it’s not (ok maybe a little), it’s just that well, he can’t cook. It’s more bad than good and while I’m so super thankful that he wants to help, I just can’t take it anymore. I knew the end was near when I found myself explaining why you couldn’t cook chicken, shred it up and use it in Hamburger Helper. He just kept saying ‘but it says you can use turkey’ and I kept answering, ‘yes, ground turkey’ and it just went back and forth like that for awhile. He gets points for trying though.

My dad and one of my brothers drove down Saturday night to see me get baptized on Sunday morning. They could only stay until Sunday afternoon so it was a short visit but it was so nice to see them. Yes, I know most people handle the baptism thing when they’re younger, but I’m a slow bloomer like that. Made my dad proud as hell though which hopefully makes up for me arriving home in the short pirate skirt and patent leather knee high boots (I was at a costume party when he got here, I promise).

I’m apprehensive as hell about Thanksgiving. My sis and I are cooking together at my dad’s house. There’s no doubt that it’s going to be difficult. On the positive side my family has an amazing sense of humor so I know there will be lots of laughter and memory sharing amidst the tears. My dad has decided to move, so it’s the last time we will be together at mom and dad’s house which adds a bit more sadness to the event. And my mom’s birthday is on the 22nd so as you can see, it’s just a tough month. My church is offering a class/group therapy meeting for individuals who have recently lost someone and are having trouble coping with the holidays. Hubby thinks it might be a good idea if I go and I’m inclined to believe him.

Other than that things are busy here in the Diva household…..busy but good, except the check engine light is on in our “good” car and I have a feeling it’s something ominous….and expensive. In fact I’m pretty sure of it because every time I manage to build up my savings account something comes along and wipes most of it out. Brother (former mechanic) told me to wait it out a bit, he thinks it might be poor fuel or water in the fuel because the light popped on right after I filled up. He knows his stuff so I’m hoping he’s right.

I know everyone has been blogging about the election tomorrow. All I can say is I’ve already voted so for me, the pressure is off. All I ask is please vote. Please.

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