Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Ten, The Vodka Edition

I stole this from The Mom Chronicles. I probably don't do it justice, but here it goes.

1. Tonight I'm chatting online with my friend Denise aka pictaker66 on twitter and I mention that I have to go because Lasagna and wine is awaiting me and she replies that she'll be right over and I answer, come on! And about fifteen minutes later there she is having dinner with myself and my family.

2. Of course a rule of having dinner with us is that you have to participate in Food For Talk, which, btw, is an excellent way to get your family to have actual conversation during dinner. Not that my family needed it because seriously my children never shut up.

3. Tonight's question was based on "Anger is only one letter away from danger." What dangerous things can happen when you're angry? Beav used it as an opportunity to exploit the fact that yours truly has a very bad temper. I do, I admit it. There is no door safe from my slamming when I'm pissed off, but hey it keeps me from throwing things......sometimes.

4. Dinner was enjoyable because A) I didn't have to cook it; B) both my children were actually present and c) one of my best friends was there to enjoy it with us.

5. I can't even begin to tell you how blessed I am to have the great friends I have. Seriously, I could write about it for days. It was just nice to sit and visit. And drink wine. And some cranberry juice with Vodka.

6. I had to drink the Cranberry Juice with Vodka because my back is seriously killing me. You would think with all the kickboxing I do that I would be somewhat flexible however it seems that last night's marital activities (use your imagination ladies and gentlemen) used some muscles that apparently I don't use in every day life. It hurts...a lot.

7. Of course that won't stop be from pursuing the same types of activities again. Maybe in a few moments from now. I'm sure that's more than you ever wanted to know about me.

8. My husband, however, is mighty proud of himself and prepared for a round two. I'm all for it, but tonight, I'm so not going to be the cowgirl....if you know what I mean.

9. I must admit I'm enjoying this newfound sexual drive that I have. The last few months have been rough; grief is not compatible with my sex drive, apparently, however, for the time being I seem to be on an upward swing. Perhaps I'm gearing up for the rough Thanksgiving ahead.

10. In the meantime I will enjoy my husband and my friends (although I enjoy them differently). Perhaps I should change that to "time with my husband and my friends." Hell, you know what I mean. Tomorrow night is fight night, I'm not participating but I will be there to encourage my boxing buddies and prepare myself for six months from now when I take the ring.

And that is my Thursday Ten. Not as eloquent as The Mom Chronicles but I'd like to remind everyone that Vodka is involved.

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