Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Since you never realize a good thing until it's gone

So, if you've been reading my twitters then you know I am back at school. Just one class, online. English - critical and argumentative writing. I had registered for this class with the others that I dropped and kept it since it didn't start until now. I figured that things would be easier by now, and they are a bit (if you don't count the hours I spent crying myself to sleep last night). I'm not sure though that I can handle the class. It's eighteen weeks of material done in nine weeks. Two papers a week. Ugh. But, I am glad to be back!

One thing I’m thinking of doing to free up my schedule is stop selling the sex toys. My last party only netted me $60. In the past I was making $100 to $150 a party so you can see that $60 is quite a drop. Between prepping, and time driving, and gas, it’s just hardly worth the hassle any longer.

Beav has been doing his share of adding stress to my life. Had parent teacher conferences last week for the first time at the new school. On the plus side there are no behavioral issues, which is already a huge improvement. However, he is not doing his homework. He’s barely passing most of his classes. He turns in incomplete work or answers such as ?. Seriously, wtf kind of answer is “?”. When I asked him about it, his answer – “I didn’t feel like doing it.” My response, well I don’t feel like paying all this money for tuition if you’re not willing to do your part. I was pretty harsh but I was so angry. I put it very simply. When it comes down to it, I’ll put the money into my tuition not his, because I know I’ll do the work.

I also told him that if he was committed to being a slacker then he should probably stay at his dads after Christmas break because basically I’ve had it. I’ve committed too much time and energy to helping him and if he’s not going to do his part well then I’m done doing mine. He wants another chance. I love him so much but I’m just tired of providing him with all the tools he needs and having him waste his time…..and mine. He’s so bright, but lazy. He has permanently lost his privilege of watching television or playing on the computer during the week. He’s too distracted as it is. I also cut his social activities a lot and last night kept him home from Boy Scouts so he could study for a test. I did agree to let him go to an outing tonight with this youth group. I do believe that it can’t be all work and no play.

My new kickboxing trainer is KICKING my ass!!!! Which is good. After our first session I was sore for four days. I have stopped sparring though for the time being. Right now I’m just too busy on Saturdays. The fight that I was planning to be involved in takes place on November 7th. A couple of weeks after that sparring will pick up again and I’ll start fresh with that group. I’m still in class though and struggling to getting back to five days a week of training.

Last but not least, I hope people weren’t disturbed by my last post, however, this is my blog and I was working something out that had been bouncing around in my head for awhile. All of life is self-discovery, and every day I learn something new about myself..and I’m constantly changing my way of thinking. That’s why I count myself fortunate to have blogging friends who are so different from me. It all helps me to become a more rounded individual and I thank all of you for that.

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