Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Look Ma, no tears

We interrupt Diva's normal grief motivated rant to bring you some pictures.

Hubby and I went to the Or@nge County Fair twice this year. Thought I'd share some fun pics of food that I DID NOT eat.

I will admit that last year I did try the deep fried White Castle Burgers and the deep friend avocado. The burgers weren't that good, kinda mushy. Avocado was yummy.

A couple of weeks ago hubby and I went to an 80s themed birthday party for some of the people I train with. This one is me with "Cap." One of the girls from the dojo works for R@xy and they had a box of used 80s dresses that they let us have for the party. I almost picked the gold dress but I think I did ok with what I wore. Although I can't believe I wore horizontal stripes.

This is hubby and me. Notice the pink Izod shirt and members only jacket.

Another girl I train with. Her dress was actually a bridesmaid dress from her sister's wedding. Her sister made her wear this dress!!!

Me and my best friend!!!

This is me with my trainer who looks NOTHING like this in real life. For starters, he's bald. It's hard to see but there is a belt on my hips. This belt is on the loosest setting. I use to wear this belt on this setting around my hips. It was a good two to three inches too big, woohoo.


Gabe Miranda said...

Cool Pix! I'm sad that when I lived over there I never got to go to the fair (it was only three months back in '86) but I heard from my cousins that it was fun!

divacowgirl said...
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